Warehouse Equipment

Pallet Jacks


Contact a representative at 719-599-4044 and we can help you select the appropriate pallet jack for your situation.

Hand Trucks

Maximize control for different loads with heavy duty Dual Handle Hand Trucks. These hand trucks can transport boxes or crates wherever they are needed. Transport loads smoothly and evenly over rough or uneven floors. Ships knockdown. Solid rubber wheels will never go flat. ITC representatives can help you to select the best hand truck for your application. Call - 719-599-4044.



Casters and Wheels


Casters and Wheels for a wide variety of equipment and applications are available - contact a representative at 719-599-4044.


Loading Dock Equipment


Dock Seals

Dock Boards/Plates

Truck Scissor Dock

Dock Bumpers

Wheel Chocks

Dock Levelers

Loading Lights


Strip Doors

Reduce energy losses and improve your working environment with Strip Doors. Everybody know that open doors lose energy. But did you know how much?


Heated or cooled air escaping through loading docks can add up to as much as $5,500 per year per door in many areas. Refrigerated air loss from walk-ins can add up to as much as $1,688 per year per door. The good news is that Strip Doors can help you control those costs and can pay for themselves in just a year or two.


Quality & Selection


Choose from 8 different vinyl strip formulations in 6 different widths and 4 different thicknesses with over 36 different combinations of characteristics including: ultraviolet and visible light screening: sound attenuation; anti-static qualities; clear or opaque; low temperature resiliency; reinforced; ribbed; safety orange and a selection of opaque colors.




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